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High Speed Internet Access Packages

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Corporate DSL Sign Up
If you have not already done so, make sure DSL is available at your location.

Business Information

Current Email Address:
Telephone Number: Phone number you wish the DSL service to use - Please type DRY for Dry-Loop.
Telephone System:

Do you have a phone system?
Yes No I Don't Know

If yes, do you think the above phone number is separate from the phone system?
Yes No I Don't Know

Local Phone Provider: Which company provides your local phone service?
If Rogers (Sprint) service, please provide your Circuit Number
Daytime Contact Number: Ext: A phone number  to reach you during business hours.
Contact Name:
Billing Name:
As shown on your phone bill.
Company Name:
Service Address: Apartment or Unit:
City: Postal Code: (L#L #L#)
How did you hear about us?
Business Sector:
Comments: If you have any additional instructions, different Billing address, or comments, please put them here.

Account Information

Desired Username:
Desired Password: Must be a min of 8 characters and include numbers and letters.

Please Select Your Highspeed Package

I would like to order the 1.5 - 6.0  Mbps eXpress DSL Service. $79.99/month
I would like to order the 10 Mbps DSL Service. $80.00/month
I would like to order the 16 Mbps DSL Service. $95.00/month
I would like to order the 25 Mbps DSL Service. $109.95/month
I would like to order the 50 Mbps DSL Service. $119.95/month


Equipment Information

Highspeed Modem Options:

No Modem Required (I already own a DSL modem).
Single Port (No Wifi) Rental $5.00/month.
Modem/Router Combo Rental $12.00/month.
I will purchase a Single Port (No Wifi) Modem for $84.95+tax.
I will purchase the Modem/Router Combo for $149.95+tax.

Telephone Filters: Additional DSL phone line filters $2.50 each.
Additional DSL wall-mount filters $18.95 each.
* Two (2) Telephone Filters are provided with a modem purchase or rental.
Modem/Filter Shipping:
On-Site Installation by Sentex: Yes, I would like a Sentex Technician to install and setup my equipment. $80.00.
* Only for Sentex supplied equipment.
No, I will install and setup the equipment myself.
Bell Wholesale Gateway Access Service Charge Waived for initial sign-up. $100 install charge for 10 Meg and up.
Note: $50.00 will be charged to change or move the service to a new location.

Service Agreement & Confirmation

Please read the following Service Agreement before submitting the application:
  • The Sentex High Speed Internet service (also known as the Sentex High Speed ADSL service) is available to commercial/small-business customers where technology permits.
  • Use of the service is subject to Sentex Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy, and this Service Agreement.
  • Installation does not include cost to correct wiring configurations at customer's residence. 
  • Installation options include: Self-Installation or Technician installation.
  • Written notice (fax, mail or e-mail) is required to move, change, or cancel the Sentex High Speed ADSL service. 
  • A charge of $50.00 will apply upon cancellation if rental modem is not returned with 15 days
  • Discounts apply to NEW ADSL Customers only
  • A minimum 12 month term applies for all promotional rates, discounts, and special options. If service is cancelled prior to completing the 12 month term, you will be charged the full monthly rate for the full term of your service and any discounted hardware will be billed to your account at full price.
  • A fee of $15.00+tx applies for all shipped modems.
  • All hardware sales are final.
  • All rates are subject to change and do not include applicable taxes.  
  • Additional conditions may apply.

I have read, and agree with the Sentex Service Agreement.


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